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The Ranges Interface

Ranges now opens with what was known as the Input & Graphics screen in previous versions of Ranges where users can create, import, modify and export data and view both input and output data numerically and graphically. Buttons along the top allow the user to access the other areas of Ranges:

  • About gives details on your licence, the Ranges version and how to contact us.
  • Location Analysis performs analyses on location files, including inter-location measurements and estimates of home ranges based on concave and convex polygons, ellipses, cluster analysis and harmonic mean and kernel contouring.

When an analysis is run, a Progress window will popup giving progress messages, calculation summaries, warnings and errors. If the analysis runs successfully, the progress window will close and the results, usually Statistics, often Graphics and sometimes a Chart, will be displayed. The contents of the Progress window can be accessed after the analysis in the Log.

Settings changed in analysis windows and files opened in the statistics window will remain unchanged if the window is closed and then re-opened.

File Types