Large Data And Java Memory

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Ranges can now handle huge files, the largest being raster files used to define habitats and to use as background maps.

64 bit operating systems can use essentially limitless amounts of computer memory (RAM). If you are running 64 bit Windows or Mac OS, you can run Ranges so that it also has access to the huge amounts of memory that your state-of-the-art computer has.

The Ranges batch file

The Ranges large memory batch file (ranges-largememory.bat) in the Ranges installation folder can be tweaked to run Ranges with a large amount of memory depending the memory installed in your computer and your operating sysmte. Open this file in a plain text editor such as notepad to see the following:

::ranges-largememory.bat : starts up java GUI with DOS command window
::adjust the -Xmx setting to run Ranges with more RAM if your computer has it
::e.g. to run Ranges with 4GB of memory use
::java -Xmx4096m -jar ranges.jar 
::note that the maximum available to 32 bit Windows operating systems is about 1.4GB

java -Xmx1024m -jar ranges.jar 


Following the instructions in the file, you can edit the java command line and increase the memory. Once you have edited and saved the file, run it to run Ranges with the increased memory.